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Understanding British Foreign Policy Today

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  • 31 July 2017

Britain’s Foreign Office and diplomatic service have a proud history. Moreover, Britain’s engagement with the outside world goes back a few thousand years. These islands have historically been good at absorbing external influences within and influencing the internal situation of others.

One hundred years ago, I would be writing about the glorious empire on which the sun never sets, and the growing fortunes of our war against Ge

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Why Can’t Britain Just Walk Away from the EU?

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  • 23 July 2017

If you speak to anyone from UKIP, leaving the EU can be achieved in a week. They base this claim on a pamphlet by Gerard Batten, the gist of which dictates that repealing the 1972 European Communities Act ‘dances around Article 50’ and means Britain’s membership is no longer valid and all commitments and laws that apply are nullified. As such, negotiating an exit of any sorts is unnecessary and Britain would then be free to negotiate any trade deal and relationshi

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Rolul comunicării strategice în relațiile UE – Rusia

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  • 8 July 2017

Criza din Ucraina a deteriorat relațiile dintre Uniunea Europeană și Rusia, ajungîndu-se la sancțiuni reciproce, precum și la acuze aduse de către Bruxelles Moscovei. Astfel, aceasta din urmă ar folosi mass-media și centrele sale culturale pentru contracararea și destabilizarea politicilor UE. În ace

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